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Foot Treatments

At SPA RIVIER not only will you find a full menu of pedicure services, but also our diabetic foot care. Our spa features pipeless pedicure chairs with heat and massage built in to ensure complete sanitation.

Signature Pedicure

Having our Signature pedicure is truly a wonderful experience. It is all you’ve come to expect from a spa pedicure and more. Our Estheticians have trained in Advanced Pedology. Our sterilization is second to none. All implements and tools are one-time use if they cannot be sterilized.

With this treatment you take home a brand-new bottle of polish, eliminating any possibility of cross-contamination. $60


Gel Polish add-on $18
Signature Pedicure (no polish) $55+
Express Pedicure $50+
Gel Polish on toes $28
Gel Pedicure $72+
Toe Nail Clipping $18+
Extra Colour $5
Spa Pedicure

More than our Signature Pedicure, these therapeutic treatments include an invigorating foot and leg massage, featuring our specialized foot scrubs, masks and moisturizers to revitalize tired feet adding energy to your every step. Spa Pedicures are quarantined to leave your feet soft, healthy and well-groomed. Polish included. $72


Where the perfect blend of fun and creativity in an easygoing, space that is dedicated to giving you the nails you’ve always wanted. Celebrate your beauty in an environment where cleanliness, creativity and indulgence allow you peace of min

At SPA RIVIER not only will you find a full menu of the natural nail and pedicure services, but also our signature enhancements, complete with nail art. Our spa features pipeless pedicure chairs with heat and massage built-in, as well as waterless manicures to ensure complete sanitation. All polish applications are done from your own take-home polish, eliminating all possibility of cross-contamination.

Nail Extensions
Gel Enhancements $83+
Acrylic Enhancements $78+
Rebalancing $58+
Enhancement Removal $60+
Gel Polish $30+
Repairs $11+
Gel Polish add on $18
Nail Art & Gems $5+
Hand Treatments
Deluxe Spa Manicure $55+
Signature Manicure $42+
Signature Manicure $45+
Express Manicure $35+
Polish Application $15
Gel Manicure $55+
Extra Colour $5
Deluxe Spa Manicure

More than your standard manicure, here we offer your hands a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. This therapeutic treatment includes a hand and arm massage, featuring our seasonal scrubs and moisturizers leaving your hands well-groomed and spa soft. Polish included. $57