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Sun for everyone!

Increases the body’s ability to absorb calcium
Vitamin D
Boosts metabolism
Increases oxygen in the blood


Tan Smart

Tanning is natural, and it works the same whether you tan outdoors or in a salon. The advantage of using sunbeds is having complete operator control over the intensity and duration of a session, which results in minimal risk of an uneven tan or a sunburn.

CONTROLLED UV: When it comes to UV light, both summer sunlight and most sunbeds produce pretty much the same kind and mix of sunlight: about 95% UVA, and 5% UVB. The difference is that most sunbeds are 2-4 times more intense than summer sunlight. That’s the reason you only stay in a sunbed a few minutes.

CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM: Everyone’s skin is different. That’s why we conduct a complete evaluation, using the Smart Tan Skin Type System™ to determine your skin type and set your exposure schedule accordingly. Our system is designed to get you the best possible tan while minimizing the risk of sunburn.

WE CLEAN EVERYTHING: Before every tanning session, each tanning room is carefully cleaned and sanitized. Our special disinfectant eradicates any reasonable chance of you coming in contact with any virus or infection. You’re probably more likely to pick up germs from a handrail in a department store or the pen used in your doctor’s office.

Tanning Prices

1 Month Unlimited 75
20 Sessions 95
10 Sessions 55
Drop in 8

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Tan

Tanning Regulations

  • Anyone who is under the age of 19 years is not permitted to tan anywhere in BC.
  • It is absolutely mandatory that all clients wear goggles while tanning as the tanning lights can cause severe damage to the eyes.
  • Anyone one who has had cancer must consult with their doctor first and bring in a doctors note stating that they can tan.
  • Anyone who is on any type of medication, birth control, etc. will also have to consult with their doctor prior to tanning, as some medications may cause sensitivity to the tanning lights.
  • All clients must sign a tanning waiver, and comply with our tanning rules and regulations. All of our rules and regulations are for the safety of our clients.